Detox Diets


The Truth And Consequences Of Detox Diets

Detox diets refer to those foods meant for system cleansing. From facts to colon cleanses, these diets come in types and ranges. They are popular amongst celebrities with advocacy for weight loss among other lifestyle changes. On the contrary, these dietary therapies are not all good’ and healthy as championed to be. From various nutritional and health researchers, detox diets have their share of consequences. It is a true phenomenon how the body hosts some toxins. These can cause cancer among other serious diseases. It is advisable to cleanse the body so as to deal with such toxins. It creates a feeling of better health, radiant skin and rejuvenates the body. However, these therapies do not have any scientific backing on their health benefits.

Truth about toxins

Various biological processes could introduce unwanted substances into the body. Metabolic waste, nicotine, and air pollution could also cause toxins accumulating in the body. Breathing, drinking, and eating are some of the natural ways through which toxins get into the body.

The common definition of most detoxification plans is that toxins include caffeine, alcohol, red meat, gluten, and sugar among other environmental pollutants. Various conditions such as bloating, insomnia, serious nasal congestion and skin cancers among others are argued to be evidence for toxins in the body. Colon is one of the commonly affected organs in the body. Toxins attach on the lining making it likely for illnesses. Special diets are used to remove such problems, and in some cases, there is a need for colonic irrigation or enemas. This analogy is not very true.


htr678iyj5Some of the detox diets could be harmful to your health. The extreme regimes could come with a host of problems. From the study, some of the detox plans may lack essential nutrients such as proteins leading to malnutrition. Using juice cleanse for long could eventually lead to the electrolyte imbalance in the body. Other detoxification plans are even more perilous. Colonic irrigation can cause serious complications such as diarrhea among other life-threatening conditions such as blood infections and intestinal wall perforations.

Different groups are exposed to the risk of such extreme eating plans. Pregnant women, people with chronic conditions like heart problems, kidney disease, or weak immunity are likely to be involved in some unusual eating plans. It is important for such people to avoid any cleansing, fast, or purge among other restrictive diets. Always consult with your nutritionist before taking any dietary plans. Detox diets should not always be considered right – consult widely!