• Stomach Acid Drugs
    Stomach Acid Drugs
    Stomach acid drugs, also known as PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) are some of the most commonly used medications in the world today.
  • Lactose Intolerance
    Lactose Intolerance
    Lactose intolerance is one of the commonly experienced digestive problems. The body is unable to digest lactose effectively.

oral hygiene

Top Benefits of Good Oral Hygiene

Flossing, brushing and getting regular dental checkups will help you to have brighter whiter looking teeth, great looking smile and fresh breath. When you get a proper professional clean, this means that you will remove stains from your teeth and tartar that is build up in your teeth. Also, you should know that if you do not clean your teeth every day, then you are putting yourself at risk for tooth decay.

The early signs of tooth decay include pain in your teeth, and you will also feel some pain when you bite any form of food. When you do not brush the carbohydrates that are found in the food and drinks that you consume, they will end up causing bacteria that will later lead to food decay. The following therefore are some of the benefits why you should consider cleaning your teeth always.

Prevent Gum Diseases

gum damageIf you want to prevent gum diseases, make sure that you keep your teeth clean always. Gingivitis is a periodontal disease that is caused due to the bacteria that build up over the teeth. When the bacteria build up over your teeth, it will slowly erode the outer layers of the teeth and end up forming cavities. When the cavities grow, they will start infecting the root of your teeth. Once the roots are decayed, this means that your gums are weak.

When you have weak gums, you will start noticing yellow sticky fluid that will accumulate between the gum and the teeth which will later cause pain and swelling. This condition will be treated by visiting a dentist. When you are looking for a dentist, make sure that you hire a trained and qualified one.

Saves Money in the Long Run

It is vital to understand that regular dental checkups are not that heavy on the budget. Once you have hired a qualified and experienced dentist, be assured that he or she will always keep an eye on the condition of your teeth. This means that you will not have any dangerous tooth disease that will make you spend a lot of money.

Strong Teeth

strong teethWhen you take proper dental care, this means that you keep your teeth strong and healthy. There are many ways you can consider using when planning to take appropriate dental care. Just visit your dentist and ask him or her some of the practical means you are recommended to use to keep your teeth healthy and active.


Diet insights: how to eat a balanced diet

Whatever your dietary plan, you must consume an adequate amount of calories. This clearly demonstrates how active an individual remains. Carbohydrates are important as they balance the amount of energy you consume with the amount of energy you consume. Those who consume too much food and drink end up putting on weight. Unfortunately, if you drink and eat too much, you will end up losing up weight. This article briefly outlines the basic healthy eating effects of improper consumption of foods.

How to eat a balanced diet

Assorted foods

fdgdgdfgdfghjConsume a wide variety of foods that ensure you receive a balanced diet. This ensures your body receives the maximum amount of nutrients your body deserves. Men consume around 2500 calories in a single day whereby women consume around 200 calories too. Due to modern day lifestyles, most adults consume more calories than they require which is not healthy.

Starchy carbohydrates on which to base your meals

A third of the food we consume comprise of starchy carbohydrates we consume. This includes pasta, rice. Potatoes, bread, and cereals. Only go for the wholegrain varieties that are rich in fiber and great for the body. In every meal, it is advisable to have some starch within. Some assume that starchy foods are fattening, however, this is not true as they produce less than half calories when compared to a similar amount of fat. Always maintain an eye on the fats added when cooking or serving as these types of foods increase your body calorie content.

Your consumption of fruits and vegetables

It is highly recommended that we consume five portions of vegetables or fruits daily. This actually sounds easier than it looks. Small changes in your diet can see you easily achieve it. For instance, you can have a chopped banana mixed into your breakfast cereal. Alternatively, you can swap your mid-morning snacks with fresh fruits. Unsweetened vegetable and fruit juice or smoothies are rich in nutrients.fdgdgdfgdfgdf

Consume for fish

Fish is a great source of protein and is rich in minerals and vitamins. Strive to consume one or two portions of fish in a day. Oily fish has nutrients that prevent heart disease – omega 3. Examples of oily fish are trout, salmon, tuna, trout, sardines, and mackerel, among others. Examples of non-oily fish are skate, haddock, cod, plaice, canned tuna, hake, and much more.

Minimize your intake of saturated sugar and fat

Fat is important in our diet. However, we must be careful over what we are consuming. There are mainly two types of fat; unsaturated and saturated. A high level of fat increases the level of cholesterol in your bloodstream increasing the risk of suffering from heart-related diseases. On average, it is advisable that men should not consume more than 30g of saturated fat in a day. Women should not exceed 20g. Saturated fats are mainly found in foods such as cakes, biscuits, cream, hard cheese, lard, butter, and sausages.

Diet sugars

A regular consumption of food and drink that is rich in sugar raises your risk of tooth decay and obesity. Sugary foods and drinks are mostly non-alcoholic and are rich in energy. When over-consumed, it can result in weight gain which can bring about tooth decay – particularly when consumed in between meals. Most packaged foods are rich in free sugars which are then added to foods and drinks that are naturally found in syrups, honey, and unsweetened fruit juices.


How to maintain anal hygiene

Our body consists of different parts, and each part is essential for the work that it does for the body. It is important to have body hygiene so as to lessen infections to your body or any other things that can cause diseases. This article is about anal hygiene and how to keep that part of the body clean.

In the process of cleaning and washing, there are things that we can do which can result in infections to the anus. Some diseases of the anus include:

Anal yeast infections

These infections can happen to both men and women as a result of doing anal sex intercourse. Anal itching is the first symptom of this kind of infection. Purple patches of small blisters are other signs of a yeast infection. It is important to avoid anal sex which leads to such diseases.


Anal itching

Use wet wipes toilet paper that is flushable and wipe well after peeing to prevent any contamination to your anal parts. Anal itching is very embarrassing when one experiences it and especially in public place. The following are some tips that one can use to prevent anal itching.

Creams and lotions

In the market today, there are many products that can be used to relieve this problem. It is important to be careful about the kind of creams that you are using as some will just complicate the situation.

When it comes to creams and lotions, there are some products that you can use to lighten the skin color around the anus. Go to www.AnalBleachAdvice.com and learn how to bleach your ass at home. You also need to check out http://analbleachadvice.com/creams-and-kits-review/ so you would know which products to utilize. Keep in mind that diy at home anal bleaching requires for you to read the instructions carefully to avoid improper usage of the bleaching products.

Have a change of lifestyle

Maintain high standards of hygiene by cleaning your anus well when you are bathing, wearing flexible clothes that make it possible for skin to breath and avoid too much spicy and sour foods as they will keep on complicating the problem and making it, even more, worse.


Shower douche

It helps in effective cleaning of the anus. Mostly used by the people who want more and deep cleaning of their anus, it is just a diverter valve fixed to a horse pipe and installed to plumbing before shower head. Since it allows water directly to rectum from the plumbing, it helps to control the water temperature. Don’t use this option if the temperature of your water is not fair. Install a pressure valve that is adjustable in controlling the water pressure coming out.


The hygiene of our body like anal hygiene is important in keeping your body healthy and free from infections. Always ensure that you take care for your anus and use the above tips to help you in that.

Symptoms And Remedies For Lactose Intolerance

dftgzsegr7yiuyLactose intolerance is one of the commonly experienced digestive problems. The body is unable to digest lactose effectively. This is a type of sugar that is common in milk and other dairy products. There is no known cure for lactose intolerance. However, there are a number of reliable remedies to control the symptoms that come with lactose intolerance. One of the fundamental ways of controlling this condition is making nutritional changes in your dietary plans. Some lactose intolerance cases are temporal, especially those caused by gastroenteritis. The symptoms improve within days. In other cases, like those caused by genetic issues or other underlying conditions could be difficult and may be long-term.


There are various symptoms for lactose intolerance

  • Stomach bloating
  • Rumbling of the stomach
  • Feeling sick
  • Diarrhea
  • Flatulence
  • Unexplained stomach pains and cramps

Worth noting is the severity of the symptoms, which depends on the amount of lactose consumed. This will also determine the time when the symptoms appear. You need to talk to your doctor in case of any reactions causing any of the above symptoms whenever you take dairy products.


Remedies for lactose intolerance

Lactose majorly comes from dairy products. It is thus advisable that you cut down on such products. The following are the common sources of lactose:

  1. Milk – including sheep, cow, and goat milk.
  2. Dairy products – butter, ice cream, cheese and other dairies can be a source of the unwanted lactose sugars.
  3. Certain foods such as biscuits, cakes, mayonnaise, chocolate, some processed meats, and some breakfast cereals could have lactose.

thyjujyigfSome prescription doses could have health issues as far as lactose intolerance is concerned. It is thus necessary that you consult with your healthcare provider on the outright medication. The following are some of the most reliable remedies for lactose intolerance that you need to consider:

  • Foods that are free from lactose. Avoid drinks and foods that contain this type of sugar. They include soya milk, cheese, yogurt, carob bar, milk made from oats, coconut, almonds, or potato among others.
  • Dietary changes. Dairy products provide sufficient calcium in the body. If you have lactose intolerance, you need to keep off these products. Look for substitute foods to your dairy products in the diets. Look for quality foods that have no lactose yet sufficient calcium they include tofu, soya beans, nuts, green leafy vegetables, fish with edible bones, and bread.

Ensure that you discuss any of the above symptoms with your doctor to avoid complications that come with lactose intolerance.

Proven Side Effects Of Stomach Acid Drugs On The Kidneys

re56u7i8tyftrStomach acid drugs, also known as PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) are some of the most commonly used medications in the world today. Over 15 million Americans take stomach acid drugs, either as a prescription or in the over-the-counter form. Common brand names include Nexium, Prevacid, and Prilosec. These drugs have long been considered a safe way to treat heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion. They work by hindering the release of acid in the stomach, which eases the symptoms, but tends to have several side effects, including some on your kidneys.

Research findings show that individuals can face serious consequences from using Prilosec, Nexium, and other common stomach acid drugs. These include the following kidney-related side effects:


These are the side effects of stomach acid drugs on the kidney


1. Acute interstitial nephritis

Users of stomach acid drugs such as Nexium and Prilosec have a high risk of developing acute interstitial nephritis, which refers to kidney inflammation. The spaces between one’s kidney tubules become swollen, and the condition can cause a number of symptoms, ranging from mild to chronic.


2. Acute kidney injury

Users of stomach acid drugs can also suffer from an acute kidney injury, which leads to a sudden loss of kidney function. Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease have many common symptoms, but chronic kidney disease sometimes goes unnoticed. At times, it is not diagnosed until it has developed into end-stage renal disease, which refers to permanent damage to the kidneys.


3. Chronic kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is a serious health condition that affects about one in 10 US citizens. Several factors can cause kidney disease, but the use of pharmaceuticals like heartburn drugs has also be found to be one of those factors. Research has shown that using stomach acid dugs for a prolonged period increases the risk for chronic kidney disease by up to 50%.

4. End-stage kidney failure

Regular users of Prilosec, Nexium or other heartburn drugs also face the risk of developing kidney failure or chronic kidney disease, especially if the drugs are taken over a prolonged period.

No matter the cause of these kidney problems, it is a serious yet manageable condition. When any of the above side effects of stomach acid drugs on the kidney occur, patients are often advised to seek legal redress. Since additional research is ongoing to establish a clear link between kidney disease and PPI usage, more and more lawsuits are likely to be filed by individuals who have suffered the condition after using these medications.